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My name is Justin Kincaid, and I’m a filmmaker that has been deeply impacted by Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club. I was saved in 2018 after a long and challenging journey through life. Despite always believing in God, I felt unworthy of his love and salvation. I struggled to find a community where I felt accepted and loved.

That all changed when I found Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club. This incredible community of men showed me that it didn’t matter where I came from or what I had done; God would meet me there. They embraced me with open arms, providing support and encouragement when needed. They showed me that I was worthy of God’s love and had a place in this world.

As I became more involved in Disciple, I was inspired by the commitment of its members to daily Bible study and prayer. I saw firsthand the impact this had on their lives and was amazed by how they lived out their faith in tangible and meaningful ways. I knew that I wanted to use my filmmaking skills to tell their stories and showcase the incredible impact that Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club had on people’s lives.

That’s why I set out on a mission to travel the world and document the stories of Disciple’s members, charters, and the individuals who make up its membership. Through my documentaries, I want to inspire others struggling with unworthiness or disconnection to find hope and community. I want to challenge stereotypes and misconceptions about the club and show the world the depth and diversity of its membership.

Through my work, I want to create powerful films that touch hearts and minds and inspire others to live with purpose and passion. Film has the power to tell stories in a way that no other medium can, and I’m committed to using that power to showcase the positive changes that Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club brings to people’s lives.

My journey with Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club has been life-changing. I’m honored to have the opportunity to use my filmmaking skills to give back to this fantastic community. I’m excited to see where this journey takes me. I’m grateful to be a part of something so powerful and transformative.


I was radically changed and reborn in Christ at the Dragon Run in 2018. It was a transformative experience that I will never forget. My mentor, James Johnson, saw something in me that nobody else did. He and a dozen other disciples prayed for me. They broke the generational curses and strongholds weighing me down for years.

On that day, the old Justin died, and I was reborn anew in the light of Christ. I walked off that mountain a new man with a mission to tell the world my testimony and share the club’s power with everyone.

Since then, I have been traveling the world, documenting the impact of Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club on individuals and communities. My story, and the stories of others like me, need to be shared with the world. Through my work with The Blacktop Bible, I hope to inspire others and show them the transformative power of faith and community.


I am passionate about documenting the incredible impact of Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club on the world. Through my travels and interviews with members, I have seen firsthand Disciple’s powerful and transformative effects on individuals, families, and communities. These stories need to be told, and the world needs to hear about the fantastic work that is being done by Disciple and its members.

However, I cannot do this alone. That’s why I am reaching out to our community and asking for your support in helping me to continue this important work. I am seeking donations to cover the costs of travel, equipment, and other expenses associated with creating high-quality, professional documentaries that showcase the impact of Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club worldwide.

Your support will make a real difference in this project and the lives of those touched by Disciple’s mission. Every dollar counts, and your generosity will help ensure these powerful stories are shared with the world.

If you are interested in supporting this project, please visit my mission page on Disciple Christian MC’s Website HERE to make a donation. You can also share my message with others interested in supporting this important work.


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Join me in my mission to ignite a global revival. My goals are to travel the world and document the impact that Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club has on the families and communities we serve in.

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