March 2023

I'm a Florida man. Not THE Florida man, but a Florida man. That said, I really needed to get some cold weather gear for my trip to Romania. 511 Tactical Stryker pants are comfortable, flexing, and hold a bunch of stuff in their pockets. I love these pants, wear them all the time but it turns out that the one pair of pants I've had for the last five years are a little worn. Here's to another 5 years for these.

Gross Income: $3000

Business Expenses:

Advertising: $0
Continuing Education: $0
Charitable Contributions: $50
Design and Branding: $0
Legal and Professional: $0
Meals and Entertainment: $0
Merchant / Bank Fees: $0
Amazon Fees: $0
Office Expenses: $0
Promotional: $0
Travel: $0
Website Fees: $75
Vehicle: $701

Recurring, Subscription-based Expenses:

Adobe Creative Cloud: $55
Accounting: $0
Google: $0
Cell Phone: $55
Internet: $55
Insurance: $375
Skype: $0
Taxes & Licenses: $0
Zoom: $41
Misc: $176

Total Expenses: $1633

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